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BMW’s Batman-like Wingsuit is first electrified flying Wingsuit




BMW is working on a futuristic wing suit that can make all current wing suits feel vintage. The reason is that it can fly at over 300 km / h, according to Electrek. This is simply amazing for a current age flying car.


The electric wing suit promises to stand out fully with the dynamics inspired by Batman's flight suit and a design that is the idea of a collaboration between BMW and Designworks.


The winged suit began operating almost three years ago as a concept from Peter Salzmann, who is a professional wing suit pilot, basic jumper, parachutist and paragliding instructor. The suit is electrically assisted, allowing the wearer to really fly, increasing the horizontal coverage.


A cold high wind blows in his face, however Peter Salzmann grins in any case – the second the Austrian wingsuit pilot has for some time been anticipating is at long last here! The helicopter takes him up to a stature of 10,000 feet (3,000 m). You would already be able to make out the framework of the Drei Brüder or "Three Brothers" mountain tops through the overcast cover. Shortly, Salzmann will satisfy a hotly anticipated dream – that of basejumping in a wingsuit that, on account of an electric engine, will permit him to fly over the "Three Brothers". During the methodology, Salzmann experiences all the cycles in his brain one final time, reflectively. He shuts his eyes, flies the stretch ahead in his imagination, softly moving his head, chest area and hands as he does as such. Three years of work, examination and testing for this one second. He breathes out, upholds himself quickly on the left and right sides of the open helicopter entryway… and bounces.

After years of planning and testing and months of delays caused by the pandemic, the 33-year-old Austrian jumped from a helicopter flying 10,000 meters over the Alps. And with the help of the 50V BMW battery that powers two carbon rotors rotating at 25,000 rpm, Salzmann climbed, glided and then climbed like a superhero.


The suit's flight unit includes two chest-mounted propellers or carbon thrusters, each with a maximum power of 7.5 kW, a speed of 25,000 rpm and a total power of 15 kW or 20 hp (for five minutes).


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the electric wingsuit by BMW I involves two encased carbon propellers, supposed impellers, each conveying a force yield of 7.5 kW, a speed of around 25,000 rpm and an absolute yield of 15kW, which is accessible for roughly five minutes. the point of the electric drive framework is to build the exhibition of the wingsuit to accomplish a superior steady float flight, consequently permitting longer separations to be covered.


In turn, BMW has invested some of its future electric vehicle technology for Project Electrified Wingsuit. Salzmann's flight will help demonstrate (and promote) the carmaker's fully electric iX3, which will hit showrooms in Europe before the end of the year.


BMW has also released a video in which Salzmann can be seen performing the first test of the electric wing suit. As part of the first test, Salzmann was launched directly from an Austrian helicopter at an altitude of 9,800 feet. He was accompanied by two other wing suit operators, equipped with standard equipment and gear.



We do not expect to see the BMW wingsuit in markets any time soon because of many reasons and complications.


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